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WORD will help you, the business owner, find your footing in an always-plugged-in universe, using the correct words, imagery and platforms.

We look forward to adding value to your world.

WORD Siv Ngesi

The Future of Work: Automation, AI, and the Impact of Technology on Jobs, Skills and Company Structures

Issue 17

Word Issue 16

Global Business & Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Issue 16

WORD Issue 15

The End of Year Frenzy

Issue 15

Word Issue 14

The State of Youth

Issue 14

Word Issue 13

The colour of your culture

Issue 13

Word Issue 12

For The Love Of Money

Issue 12

Healthy You – Healthy Business

Issue 11

Does your business have the X-Factor?

Issue 10

What’s Your Story

Issue 9

The Strategy Of It All

Issue 8

Socially Yours

Issue 7

Control Alt Delete

Issue 6

The Art Of Giving

Issue 5

The Last Word

Issue 4

All Teched Out

Issue 3

The Shape Of Your Business

Issue 2

Personal Branding

Issue 1

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