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Richard Mulholland

Richard Mulholland

Richard has spoken in over 40 countries on six continents! He works with executives and speakers worldwide through his company, Missing Link, which he started at 22! Missing Link provides special presentations that ultimately attract audiences and generates income. Richard also co-founded 21Tanks, and The Sales Department. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he has also written three books, Legacide, Boredom Slayer, and Here Be Dragons.

Furthermore, he was voted top 40 under 40 and the top 300 South Africans to take to lunch. Lastly, but most importantly, Richard firmly believes that you need to be yourself to be great at human-to-human communication!

Verity Price

Verity has a distinctive way of looking at things. She transitioned from traversing 1200 kilometres of France and Spain in hiking boots to performing in front of enthusiastic audiences in Nashville and New York.

She couldn’t afford to record her debut album but became one of the first online crowd-funders in history. She has given keynote addresses, led workshops for tens of thousands worldwide, averse to public speaking to be the 2021 World Public Speaking Champion and contributed to graduate business schools.

Her passion is assisting individuals in changing their thinking so that they may improve their outcomes.

Perez Harrison Pratt

Perez Harrison Pratt

Perez Harrison Pratt is a dynamic individual driven by passion, empathy, and a thirst for adventure, all underpinned by his unwavering resilience and sharp analytical mindset. These remarkable qualities and his genuine commitment to helping others make him an exceptional marketer.

His personal definition of success revolves around discovering one’s “why,” nurturing it, and radiating the love that accompanies it throughout society.

With approximately five years of hands-on experience in the field of marketing, Perez has collaborated with prominent brands across the United States, United Kingdom, and South Africa. Presently, he holds the esteemed position of Director of Communications at Wellness Homes of Chicago and is the proprietor of PHP Consulting.

Perez’s intellectual interests gravitate towards impactful conversations regarding societal transformation, focusing on LGBTQ+ rights, diversity, and equity disparities. He holds a degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing from Nexford University, and he is currently immersed in the pursuit of a Master of Science degree in Marketing at the University of Glasgow.

Deon van Deventer

Deon has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and always with a creative flair. From marketing and PR to designing and building tiny homes, Deon loves to create.

He now provides quality homes manufactured from shipping containers. The homes and now fast-becoming popular commercial units are finished to a high standard and can be a space to be proud of at an affordable price.

Changing Lives one Home at a Time.

Robyn MacMhaoinigh

Robyn MacMhaoinigh

As a practising commercial attorney with two decades of experience, Robyn brings peace of mind and a safe framework to her clients in which to grow their businesses. Robyn has a global client base provides her clients with insights from Africa, the UK and Europe that help them build an agile and resilient business based on best practices. Robyn has advised over 1000 businesses through all stages of the business cycle. Robyn is the South African lawyer of choice for franchisors, established family businesses, large private companies and foreign companies looking to do business in South Africa.

Robyn hand-picks her clients and focuses on businesses that prioritise creating wealth for themselves and their clients.

André du Toit

After a successful corporate career in insurance, reinsurance, and information technology, André became a professional speaker, teaching business and sharing trade secrets from the world’s largest corporations. His passion for South Africa and Africa is sought after by corporations and governments.

Clients range from Old Mutual, Nedbank, Standard Bank and the office of the Presidency.

Kerryn Powell &
Werner Koen

Werner and Kerryn, both professionals deeply committed to effective leadership’s power to drive change within organisations, are both doctoral candidates at UNISA’s Graduate School of Business Leadership.

They are making significant contributions to the field of leadership academia and tactically within organisations, with a lens on Responsible and Ubuntu leadership.

Their passion for leadership and academic pursuits have led them to contribute to advancing knowledge in their respective fields.

Ruan Retief

Ruan Retief

As a performance coach and trainer, Ruan aims to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. He enjoys training groups and individuals and assisting people to stay motivated in all areas of life. He constantly seeks opportunities to develop and apply his EQ and networking skills to build better human beings and takes pride in positively impacting people’s lives through personalised fitness programs.

His qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in Human Movement Science and has more than twenty years of experience as a personal trainer, coach and fitness advisor while establishing a long track record of individual accomplishments and outstanding results culminating in 6 World Champion titles in Karate. As someone who loves to learn new things constantly, Ruan keeps up with current trends, studies, and eating plans in the worlds of both fitness and nutrition.

As an entrepreneur in the health & fitness sector, he has positioned himself and company (RUAN RETIEF Performance & Training) to remain agile and adaptable to cater for new advancements and technologies, which will enhance his client’s personal performance.

Kim du Plessis

Kim du Plessis

Kim is known for her entrepreneurial flair and passion for her creativity and business strategy, with over 20 years of national and international experience within her field. Kim is the Director of a media agency, Our Salad Mix, focusing on radio and media campaigns.

Kim’s understanding of client’s wants and needs and her value in hard work, loyalty, integrity and humour makes Kim the perfect person for the job!

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